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it is so gorgeous outside. i saw 85 degrees while driving down the road. apr 18th and 85degrees damn!

so i am really wanting reiki ii 2 start soon. i feel the surge of energy. i use reiki nearly, if not daily. i absolutely love it. it is amazing and great.

i have another class coming up. today i felt one near me. she touched my shoulder. and my neck. and said to take a few deep breaths.

this is a weird one, and normally i dont dream about famous people...but last night i dreamt sheryl crow came over. she was wearing black leather pants. she came over to wish me a happy birthday. wierd huh. she told me messy sent her, because tori wasnt currently available...but tori would be calling soon. its odd cause i often dream of people calling me. and we will converse over the phone....its wierd.

i called Flint School OF therapeutic massage...hopefully with my new hours they can get me into the grad program. i feel the need to be working with energy and massage...and it isnt happening as quickly as it could or should...but hey all things in time.

why do i end statements with...
whats with the ...
i think...
they are meant to show...

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