CatOutOfH2o (catoutofh2o) wrote,



what a long tedious week. today about dragged on. found out our car needs a new engine. thats just lovely. about $4,200 for the job. nice huh? i think it is lovely.

this weekend is going to be fun. i am going to relax, clean and on sunday im taking my sista 2 belovedlake's for her 1st reading. then going to midland to see a show on egyptian art. that will be fun i hope.

i gave up coffee for about a year. this guy jim i work with brought me a cup one day. i smelled it. it was like an old friend. it smelled so good. i told him no i couldnt do it....a few moments later...i said "hey jim...can i take u up on that cup of coffee". ive been drinking it daily since. damn coffee is such a good thing. im so happy i started drinking it again. i still drink 1st thing in the am...followed but a cup of juice, followed by my beloved java. i love you java.

i gave nutz some reiki today. also gave some to my friend marie.
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