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you got fat

so sat night mikey and i go to walmart to browse the christmas decorations.

i see this chick i used to wait on at the photo lab. she calls my name out, i realize who it is and we begin to chit-chat. so out of the blue during our conversation...she proceeds to inform me, as if i didnt notice..."Wow, You Got Fat." and if that wasnt enough..or as if i wouldnt belilve her, "I mean Like REALLY Fat." she proceeded.i sort of cowered...not realizing it. "oh well ya know ihave quit smoking...and i sit on my ass 40 hours a week,blah blah blah.". now that i look back on it i really wish i would have said "ya know that is not socially acceptable" or "dont you think i see myself naked in the mirror, everyday? thanks for making me feel just a little shittier about myself i really appreciate it".

"you got fat,like really fat".
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